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O2toDerm Oxygen

What is oxygen therapy?

The O2toDerm Hyperbaric Anion Oxygen Dome Facial Machine is an essential tool for achieving clean, revitalized skin. The top layer of our skin, or epidermis, functions as a barrier to many things that can harm us, but in the process it also suffers the detrimental impacts of environmental pollutants.

In an industrial age consumed by rampant air pollution, stress, constant use of technology, and unhealthy diets, our skin is especially prone to premature aging, inflammation, and other conditions.

This revolutionary system features an oxygen dome and oxygen infusion gun to revitalize skin cells and delay aging as it infuses the skin with purified oxygen and much-needed vitamins.

It is essential for anyone looking to have brighter, clearer and healthier skin. This treatment can be done as regularly as desired and can be combined with any facial treatment or used alone.