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Botox Capillary

Eliminate frizz and frizz and restructure your hair. Hair botox is a completely natural product, which is used to hydrate the hair, restoring its natural shine, while regenerating the damage caused by chemical treatments that mistreat and dry the hair.

Despite its name, this product does not contain botulinum toxin, therefore it has nothing to do with the botox commonly used to combat skin problems. However, it owes its name thanks to its rejuvenating effect on hair.

It is made up of vitamins, proteins, collagen, hyaluronic acid, panthenol, caviar oil and peptides, which work as a hair regenerator, even when it is very damaged, rebuilding the hair from the base to the ends.

Despite the fact that its application is not intended to control frizz, hair smoothing is achieved due to the deep hydration that is achieved with the application of capillary botox, while the volume is significantly reduced.